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Lucy Harrell T.C.N.P.  A specialist on demanding environments -   Dedicated to teaching organic gardening to home gardeners and professionals in Texas and designing  great Texas gardens. 

Large Organic Butterfly/Fairy/Wildlife Garden In South Arlington,Texas

    My mission is  to guide you- with knowledge- that will make your gardening experience in Texas more enjoyable and much more successful  then ever before. I use only organic products and I test everything that I recommend.  It has been my pleasure since 1981 as a professional in this industry to share my experiences about designing, planting , fertilizing, watering properly , and maintaining your perennial gardens.
    Click on the page tabs to learn more about my recommendations for your area and   the many services, classes and products that I offer to Texas gardeners and professionals.  

     We can work over the internet one on one or I can visit your site for a personal consultation.   I also offer two great garden tools –Lucy’s Lines Newsletter  for  Houston and DFW by subscription  and Lucy’s Picks CD  for the DFW area that you can purchase at Organic Garden Centers or by contacting me by phone or e-mail --both  are  great tools to help you learn about  organic gardening and all the basics and specifics of doing a great design at your own pace.  I work and lecture all over Texas---Lets get started on your organic project today!

    I also offer a free newsletter for both the Houston and DFW area that lets you know about gardening lectures and events in your area- just contact me by email to sign up. Click here to send an email to  

 Love & Luck, Lucy Harrell

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